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Creating beauty, everyday

Greetings from Schonken Interiors. I'm Elsjé Schonken. Making everything around me beautiful is my passion, and that is how I enjoy spending my days. I do not function in an environment that does not lift my spirits, thus I want to share my true passion for interior design with my clients. I believe 'good living' begins with a fulfilling lifestyle and a beautiful home. I am as passionate about daily living as I am about beautiful interior spaces. I believe they go hand in hand. The style I use is transitional, blending traditional and contemporary elements to produce an end result that is timeless.

What Clients Say

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! Elsje is a very warm, vibrant, and skilled person, lovely to work with. She has lots of knowledge and experience and has excellent taste. Especially if you are looking for the “something different, and original touch” - finishes that you don’t see in houses around you. She is very practical, hands-on, and makes sure she exactly understands what you want. You can call or email Elsje any time and she will come back to you the same day, even in very hectic times. She is reliable and honest, two characteristics that are very important to me when working closely with people. You can trust her and she is just a lovely person to work with. - Zelda
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