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Service Introduction

Our service is perfect for homeowners who require a facelift for their homes or for new homeowners who need assistance in investing in the right style and proportions of furniture. With our help, your house can be transformed into a well-planned and beautifully styled home in no time.

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If you need any assistance with furnishing, this service solution is ideal for you. Our comprehensive service includes furniture layout blueprint, sourcing unique pieces, and creating custom furniture, reupholstery, wallpaper installation, custom window treatments, decor, and styling. Our team will work closely with you to recreate and refresh your interiors according to your unique preferences and style.

Service Outline

Name of the Service:

Furnishing Services


Estimated 4 - 16 weeks from start to completion.


To be quoted according to the services requested. 

What is Included?

Once-off service according to briefed requirements. This service includes custom furniture,  wallpaper & paneling and window treatments tailored to your style and requirements. 

Who is the service ideal for?

This service is ideal for someone that requires a well-planned furnished home. 

How to book?

Please email me with the project details. I will communicate with you via email, phone, or video calls to get a more in-depth sense of the service you require.

Request at

Let's work together!

I would love to discuss your project with you.

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