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Our design incorporated an enclosed black glass office box, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, an area for motorbikes, a vintage pinball machine area, and a bar with a lounge and TV. We sourced restored vintage aviation-related pieces, incorporated elements of aviation industry antiques, and used a blue-green color palette with wood,  leather, and metals to add texture and depth. Added industrial-style black metal storage units for the motorbike area and collectables. The final result was a unique and impressive space that our team was proud to have created.



Modern countryside home with minimal elements that articulate the perfect space. In this secluded home overlooking the mountains, classic meets modern interiors with a touch of Africa became the theme. Around every corner in this home, mismatched wood elements in both the modern and antique styles are proudly displayed, soft furnishings add character, and baskets are stocked in abundance for storing items and keeping the house tidy. Warm tones, neutral hues, and natural materials maintain the theme of a natural environment. 



Embarking on a Journey of Home Transformation. Our 12-Month Home Renovation. The renovation journey began with a daring decision – to gut the house entirely. We were eager to breathe new life into every inch of this space, tearing down walls and clearing the way for a fresh, transformative approach. This blank canvas allowed us to redefine the layout, tailoring the living spaces to suit our lifestyle and maximise the full potential of the home.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal of our renovated oasis!


House Bakersfield

West Coast Villa

Traditional and contemporary elements blend in this white-washed West Coast home. A large amount of natural light pours into the home. Relax in this open, airy oasis. All sides of the house have large windows and doors that open towards the outdoors, allowing you to feel a part of nature. Just a few coastal shrubs separate this villa from the beach. This gorgeous villa was designed with barefoot luxury in mind.

West Coast Villa


I really enjoyed working with this client. This was a complete home renovation project, and all of us were very pleased with the outcome. Our inspiration for this project was farmhouse meets modern - blending country elements with modern touches. The Oak cabinetry for the kitchen and vanities in the bathrooms was chosen for their versatility and durability, creating a warm and cozy addition to the concrete floors. Each bathroom features handmade tiles, along with high-quality hardware finishes. 

House Vrede
schonken-interiors-classic-homes-interior-capetown (21 of 86).jpg

House Longlands

Their meticulous attention to detail and importance of details was what I enjoyed most about working with my client. This home went from wow to extraordinary through features like architraves, custom fixtures, handmade tiles, and wallpaper. There is an overall well-thought-out design concept in this home as well as attention to detail.

House Longlands

Studio Remodel 101

With an emphasis on comfort, this project combines minimalist design with a touch of luxury. It is layered with whites, beige, and natural materials, creating a serene and earthy environment. This space aimed to convey a sense of calmness and coziness throughout, bringing in a sense of Zen. 

Studio 101
schonken-interiors-commercial-interior-capetown (28 of 28).jpg

Studio Remodel 102

Wabi-sabi essentially means finding beauty in imperfection, and this was the inspiration behind the project. The concept was designed for those who appreciate authenticity, finding value in lovingly weathered, and lived-in spaces. In addition to promoting tranquility and peace, simplicity is used to enhance the design style. Essentially, wabi-sabi adopters seek harmony and authenticity in imperfection.

Studio 102
schonken-interiors-commercial-interior-capetown (6 of 17).jpg

Winelands Remodel 103

The night owl by nature will appreciate the all-encompassing darkness of this bold, dramatic, and modern open-plan space. A striking framed mural adorns the feature wall above the fireplace. It has an old-world glamour filled with taupe, black, and charcoal shades with shining brass accents to contrast with moody textures and a contemporary selection of furnishings. 

Studio 103

Winelands Remodel 104

Inspired by the majestic beauty of rhinos, we took a walk on the wild side. In this design, we celebrate the bold and magnificent statuesque creatures we all hold so dearly. Choosing finishes and textures to layer and artfully create this space was inspired by their unique skin texture and striking features. A grey and charcoal color scheme was used, as well as natural finishes such as wood and concrete. 

Studio 104

Winelands Remodel 105

The movement of the unbridled steeds, gliding effortlessly through hills and valleys inspired the design of this space. An oversize wall-to-wall mural injecting equine beauty and emotion made a great focal point for the space as a true conversation piece. Throughout the rest of the room, we layered solid and muted colours.

Studio 105

Winelands Remodel 106

An unmistakable ode to femininity inspired the design behind this studio. A soft pink color palette was crucial to the design. The pale pink wall provides an almost neutral and warm backdrop to the space while also running a common thread through the blush shades in the furniture, artwork, and throw pillows, all tied together and elevated by touches of copper and luxurious trims. It’s a soothing and soft fusion that feels warm and approachable. 

Studio 106

Winelands Remodel 107

In recent years, people have been seeking new ways to get closer to nature through nature-inspired designs, and when designing this space, we were inspired by the woodland aesthetic of the area. This space was brought to life by raw arboreal and organic materials mixed with luxurious velvets in moss hues and a fresh woodland mural - bridging the indoors and outdoors. 

Studio 107

House Smidt

Nothing excites me more than getting involved in a project at the building stage, as this gives me the chance to conceptualize the entire home with the client. The builders with whom I work invited me to consult on fixtures and fittings for their private home. By incorporating herringbone wood floors, select Moroccan tiled areas, charcoal shaker cabinetry, wainscoting, and black steel windows and doors, we created a modern country home. We are so pleased with how this home turned out.

House Smidt
bakersfield-schonken-interiors (1 of 6).


My fascination with residential interiors began here. We bought this small fixer-upper townhouse out of university and rented it out for a few years before renovating and moving in. In this property, we had to DIY most of the finishes after we stripped it down to an empty shell. Living in this tiny well-kept home for four years was like living in a cocoon, and we enjoyed every moment of it. 

House Bakersfield
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